Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mount Bromo

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Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mount Bromo

Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mt Bromo or called teletubbies hill is an additional object who are in the mountain bromo. Savana is the spectakuler a place in behind of the mont bromo can’t you miss if you are being traveled to mount bromo. The beauty of the savannah this will make you are in like a fairyland in a stretch out by the prairie a very broad.  Become the main destination for visitors to complete Mount Bromo tour package . The savana it’s interested in the south of the mont bromo. Or in familiar with a teletubbies hill because a panorama the grass similar the green hill. Looks like the grassland hill in movie “TELETUBBIES”.

Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mt Bromo

Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mt Bromo

The tourism is always provides natural so indulge eyes , so espesialy in the savannah hill. The fresh air and comfortable will make you care of linger in the this grassland. Because this a place to surrounded by the green hills , as if want to give the impression of its own for you. If you life in the savana maybe you would think of something different with the mountain bromo it’s self. Because the mont bromo it’s authentic with the sea sand, but in the savana it’s a diffrent view with mount bromo. Savana authentic with the green grass so the savana is looked beautiful.


Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mt Bromo is situated on the south of mount bromo. And possible reached by private jeep 4WD least 15 minutes from the parkir jeep after from bromo crater. The savannah hill of bromo it’s much in use by pre wedding or shooting pre marriage. Because in this place has its pull other than those which other. This place is a perfect place even more if you are very fond of photography. Its beauty view and this place have backgrounds fitting.
Whispering sands of Bromo is another great spot surround the mountain that should belong to your mt Bromo tour package.

This tourism spot is a sea of sands that contain volcanic sands covering a very huge land. The dry sands are always blown by the winds so it produces some sounds like whispering. The beauty of the brown sea of sands is perfect with the blue sky that is sometimes covered by some clouds. Whispering Sand Bromo is an attraction that can be visited when take a holiday in  mt Bromo. Whispering sands have views of the vast expanse of sand.


For those who love adventuring with jeep, this spot is perfect to choose because of the sandy land. You can explore your favorite activity on the sands by driving the vehicle on the greatly challenging area. On the other hand, the sea of sands is also perfect for those who love cycling on the natural route. The sandy area must be more challenging and the beautiful view will be so enjoyable while cycling. Therefore, don’t forget to take this sea of sands as one of your tour package in Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour so the great trip will not only about sunrise viewing  but more adventurous and challenging on the sandy caldera. You can complete your memorable experiences by enjoying the amazing beauty of the whispering sands of Mount Bromo.

The sea of sands is located inside the caldera of Mount Bromo. The natural and unique beauty is always taken by tourists in amazing photographs. That is why the tourism spot gets local and international visitors in the amount that is always increasing all the time. To get to the whispering sands of Bromo, most tourists ride a jeep, hardtop or another adventuring vehicle so they can pass the extreme sandy area easily. As the part of the tour package to Mount Bromo, the tourists commonly visit the sea of sands in the morning after they enjoy the sunrise beauty at dawn time.


A lot of photographers who do not pass this place Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mt Bromo, because it has a nice sight to be made in a moment. Also usually they perpetuate the pre wedding photos, advertisements and other.
We arrived at our destination, and stepped out of the jeep 4WD, scarves around our faces to protect from the dust, just like  of Arabia . Dunes and mounds of taupe and black coloured sand filled the landscape, the mighty Mount Bromo looming in the horizon. Not a speck of green in sight now, this was a desert that resembled the arid deserts of the Middle East. If someone had snapped a photo and shown you, I would have imagined most people to have guessed somewhere around the Arabian Gulf – not in a million years would it be Indonesia.

But here we were, in the heart of tropical east Java, in a desert. The best moment to enjoy Savanna and Whispering sand is after finish Mt Bromo Sunrise tour from the mt bromo crater,and you can continue trip to Amazing and Highest Waterfall in east Java, or is called Madakaripura Waterfall.

Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand Mt Bromo

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