Mt Bromo Tour and Wali 5 Religious Tour

Mt Bromo Tour and Wali 5 Religious Tour

Mt Bromo Tour and Wali 5 Religious Tour, or Mt Bromo Tour and Pilgrimage to The 5 Guardian Graves. This package the first and only with us “Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour” , contain with religious tour and natural beauty scenery of Mt Bromo volcano mountain. East Java religious tour package that we offer is a spiritual tour package program or Pilgrimage to the 5 wali songo graves that live in East Java. Duration of time from the Pilgrimage 5 Pilgrimage package only takes 2 days 1 night.

The destination of pilgrimage to the 5 guardian graves will be visited are as follows:

Raden Paku (Sunan Giri) Gresik

Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim (Gresik)

Raden Qosim (Sunan Drajat) Lamongan

Raden Makdum Ibrahim (Sunan Bonang) Tuban

Raden Rahmatullah (Sunan Ampel) Surabaya


Mt Bromo Tour and Wali 5 Religious Tour or Mt Bromo Tour and Pilgrimage to The 5 Guardian Graves Package And the last route / destination in this 5 guardian pilgrimage package is the Arabic village, precisely in the area of ​​Sunan Ampel. We intentionally program sunan ampel graveyard as the last destination, because there are many places around the place of pilgrimage and various Middle Eastern accessories and products, such as kajal and siwak. There are also various kinds of Muslim clothing, sarongs, koko clothes, and worship equipment.

pilgrimage of the five guardian tombs, Pilgrimage 5 Guardian of East Java, To enjoy this 5 guardian  tour package, try to start from Surabaya airport, because Surabaya is the closest route to all locations of guardian 5 graves.

The following is the itinerary of Mt Bromo Tour and Wali 5 Religious Tour Package in East Java:


We picked up the participants of the 5th guardian grave pilgrimage tour in Surabaya / Malang, then drove to the first destination, namely the tomb of Sunan Giri / Raden Paku (gresik). After that the ziaroh tour continued to the grave of Shaykh Maulana Malik Ibrahim (gresik).
Then the religious pilgrimage package program was continued to the village of Drajat, Paciran subdistrict, Lamongan Regency, namely the location of the tomb of Raden Qasim / Sunan Drajat.
After doing the ziaroh of the sunan drajat grave, the religious tour was continued to the village of Sukolilo, Tuban, East Java, namely the location of the tomb of Raden Makdum Ibrahim / Sunan Bonang.
After that the tour participants are immediately escorted to Surabaya accommodation / hotel to check in and rest.

After breakfast, snd directly check out. The pilgrimage tour participants will be taken to the location of the grave of Raden Rahmatullah / Sunan Ampel, after completing the pilgrimage, we take the tour participants to a shopping place / by around the place of pilgrimage (sunan ampel tomb),
Once satisfied shopping at the sunan ampel cemetery area, drive you at Cemorolawang village to stay at the hotel about 4 hour.
Check in Hotel in Cemoro lawang close caldera mount bromo. Rest and relax.

Early wake up at 02.30AM, we will start driving by jeep 4×4 to go to the most famous view point in the world at Mt.Pananjakan (2774 m) of the Tengger Caldera, or kingkong hill.
Here, we will see dramatical sunrise and panorama with five mountains in the Tengger crater and an active Mt.Semeru (3676 m).
After that, the driving down to cross the sea of sand to go to Mount Bromo by riding a horse or walking.
go back to the hotel, have a breakfast, check out and then continue driving to Surabaya or some place for drop out and holiday is FINISH.

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Mt Bromo Tour and Wali 5 Religious Tour

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