History of BROMO

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History of Bromo, The elegance and beauty of Mount Bromo is already known to many people. Mount Bromo is an active volcano which is itself located on the border Lumajang, Malang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo. Mountain that has an altitude of 2392 m above sea level is indeed very fascinating for anyone who comes to visit.  Supported by several tourist attractions in the surrounding mountains makes this a unique tourist attractions and cool.

Travel bromo itself many spelled by many as an icon of East Java, is physically the mountain is not a mountain. A mountain in East Java, such as Mount Semeru, Mount Argopuro, mountain Arjuno and mountains – mountains of others. The charm is wonderful already echoed not only in Indonesia and even to foreign countries.

History of Bromo

Mount Bromo history

Mount Bromo included in the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS). The name of Mount Bromo itself said to have originated from the word Brahma who is one of the gods according to Hindu religious beliefs. Hindu religion itself is a belief shared by many people around the tourist attractions in East Java. Residents around Mount Bromo widely known by the name of the Tengger tribe is the tribe of racial Java tribe who are descendants of the Majapahit kingdom.

Sunrise bromo are familiar again. For enjoy the view of Mount Bromo itself is usually the tourists will go to the View Point in advance. View Point is a place that used to see the sunrise and the beauty of  heights

Never escape legendary story of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng, this story develops down – for generations until now. This legend is a legend supposedly formation of the crater of Mount Bromo, Batok, and the sea of ​​sand mountains that surround the Bromo caldera, brief history is as follows.

In antiquity, when the kingdom of Majapahit turmoil because of the many attacks that threatens the kingdom, residents majapahit confusion to find a safe place. Middle of the road finally they split into two groups, one to penggunungan around Bromo with group leader is King and Empress.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

After decades of population living in areas Bromo began to adjust to the environment, until finally a baby born of a couple King and Queen consort named Roro Anteng. And not far from where the King and Empress stay also was born a baby boy – male descendant of Brahmin named Joko Seger.

Once they grow up, the two children had fallen in love. But in the course of their love story there was a giant who tried to separate the two of them, by applying Roro Anteng by force. But Roro Anteng not willing and reject subtle ways, namely by ask the requirement to make a lake on top of Mount Bromo with only one night. Terms had been received and the process of the lake is almost finished, the Giant was foiled by cunning Roro Anteng. Giant was a rage and threw the coconut shells used to menggalih lake earlier. And reputedly coconut shell was enlarged so as to form a mountain Batok, while the lake was turned into a crater.

That brief legends about the origin of the formation of Mount Bromo is an icon of tourism in East Java.

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