Sunrise in Mount Bromo

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Sunrise in Mount Bromo

Sunrise in Mount Bromo, Bromo native communities are tribal Tengger Semeru, SUNRISE in BROMO MOUNTAIN they inhabit the slopes of Mount Bromo and semeru ( bromo mountain-high 2392mdpl) considered a sacred mountain by the Tengger tribe which is a symbol of the God Brahma.


Mt Bromo  peaks that are so captivating a total of approximately 10 km.dan bromo an active volcanos in addition there is also a sea of sand which spans 50 km adorn the foot of Mount Bromo.  Mount Bromo Madakaripura waterfall Malang City Tour.

Cool and cold, so you will feel once you arrive at the village Cemoro Lawang, bromo temperature reached 10 degrees Celsius, even the cooler early morning .You should prepare warm clothes, scarf, hat, heavy jacket, and socks to eliminate the chill Mount Bromo.

The visitors began to pack bromo region since early morning to see the sunrise. View point is the name that is often heard when going to see the sunrise. There’s are located in Penanjakan ( the highest point in Bromo). Other Trip ( Mount Bromo Bali Photography Tour ). To go to the climbing terrain traversed quite difficult and must use a jeep 4×4.

During the trip to the climbing sunrise in bromo mountain you will pass through the sea of sand. That resembles the wide desert and can make you lost or misguided if the fog comes enveloped the desert.


Up in the view point you can also enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea accompanied by fried plantains and roasted corn while waiting for the sunrise. Sunrise is a very interesting thing, especially there are many people from different countries around the world gathered there to watch the sunrise.

When the sky is clear, you can see the clear appearance of the sun petite and long time will be enlarged with the covered and decorated with casts cloud. Sunrise with stout you will be able to see clearly the panorama of Mount Bromo and the surrounding mountains as bathok mountain, and also semeru mountain is the highest mountain in eastern Java.


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